What We Do

Professional video for any campaign

INLINE Productions is a full service Columbus, OH video production and creative services company. But really…we’re story tellers. And we’ve been doing it since 1998, when independent producer Joe Buscemi founded INLINE.

The tools of our trade are curiosity, creativity, attentiveness, and partnership. We specialize in creating videos that connect with your audience in powerful ways. We do this through many formats including:

Branding Video

We've helped some of the worlds most powerful brands establish and maintain their positions.

Homepage, Splash Page, Videos

Let visitors to your site or splash page experience the power of video. Explainer Videos, Product Demos and Video Tours keep visitors on your site longer.

Facebook Ads

More than 1.5 billion people use Facebook to connect what matters to them. Facebook Ads are highly targeted and actionable.

Broadcast Commercials

Part creative agency and part video production company, we can deliver original concepts and high production quality to connect with your audience in a meaningful way

Event, Trade Show Videos

We love event and sizzle video production. Some of our favorite work has been for major events and video loops at major trade shows.

Educational & Training

Video is a powerful medium for explaining concepts, capturing attention and igniting the imagination, and we work closely with our clients to discover the right approach.

Video Brochures

Quite possibly the most powerful B2B Marketing tool ever created

A Video Brochure™ combines a high quality marketing video with your printed marketing message in one easy to distribute package. Ideal for B2B direct mail and promotional branding campaigns.

Over the years, we’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, Non-Profit Organizations, start up companies and independent producers. We approach every project with the same goal: to make our client’s message unforgettable. And we achieve this with bold ideas, uncompromising creativity, technical excellence – it’s what we love to do and we have a tried-and-true process.

About Us

As the digital evolution rapidly evolves, communications professionals face challenges and unparalleled opportunities to harness better and smarter relationships with stakeholders.

As a turn-key multimedia production house, InLine brings together top talent and premier technology to create compelling video experiences for any need – and on any scale. Whether it’s a broadcast commercial, sales video, mood-setting meeting opener, or an iPhone-distributed marketing spot, we’re built to create a world-class experience for your audience.

Communications teams at all organizations need to master the new tools, skills and approaches to traditional practices as Video Blogs, YouTube, Facebook and social networks become the norm, and more advanced technologies expand communications capabilities every day.

We are an established production company that develops strategic solutions in Video, CD-ROM, DVD authoring, e-Media, and film. We offer comprehensive and professional specialty services that deliver start-to-finish cost-effective production value to our clients. By creating and maintaining a true partnership with you, your needs are met on time and within budget. And, as business professionals, we plan carefully so we can leverage your investment.

Our industry-established producers ensure that your communication program integrates successfully with your b rand image and projected marketing goals. Our skilled editors implement compelling, user-friendly platforms that precisely match your objectives. Our award-winning artists design “eye-appealing” and visionary designs that stimulate “buzz”, retention, visibility and motivate associates.

Our Programmers have the best tool sets available and stay on top of the latest advances in emerging technologies. This ensures that your productions will be easy to navigate in any platform

Our state of the art facility has 3 real-time edit suites enabling us to share media across platforms and engage in multiple projects simultaneously. Each suite offers more than a Tera-byte of media storage for multiple large scale projects

What We Bring

InLine brings quality and integrity to the multimedia and communications industry. With special expertise in multi-media communications and exceptional state-of-the-art technical resources, InLine is well positioned to partner with your company to leverage your competitive advantage, maximize brand impact, attract new business, and set the stage for lasting business affiliations.

Through the exact deployment of technology, a nimble organization and exceptional people power, we have demonstrated that video- based new media is one of the most powerful ways to connect with prospects, reach out for new business, and to keep your company objectives clear, both internally and externally. By blending our extensive media skills, our years of experience in communications, broadcast and production venues and our deep connections within the industry— we have what it takes to create captivating and highly effective internal and external media tools for your organization.