Video Marketing Trends for 2016

Your next big move might be video, but video marketing will be a whole new ball game in 2016!

In Q1 of 2015 20% of all online video views were on a mobile device. In 2016 that number will jump to 50%. This isn’t because people just aren’t surfing the web on their desktops and laptops anymore, this is because online video is exploding! And Cisco says that by 2018 almost 70% of internet traffic will be video.

If you follow all the big marketing blogs, everyone is playing by 3 commandments in 2016 video marketing trends:

  1. Content is King
  2. You Better be Able to Track ROI for Digital
  3. And Video is Going to Be Bigger than Ever

Let’s start with #1: Content is King. If you want your marketing to last past Q2 you better start building content now. Content can be a wide range of material from blog posts to social to e-books and even video. Some of the strongest marketing can come from video. You can produce a lot of video content from just one video project in Q1 and then just slowing roll it out throughout the year as a slow dripping campaign.

On to #2: Tracking Digital Campaigns. Video analytics software is getting better than ever giving you the tools to track viewers, counts, engagement, retention and more. With video you are telling an entire story. Whether it’s in a 6 second Vine video, 15 second commercial spot or a 10 minute presentation; your telling a complete story every time and it now you can track your viewers through the whole story.

Finally #3: Video is Going to be Big, Real Big! The rise of video marketing has been a major trend for the past few years and there is no stopping it. Now that everyone has a personal video viewing device in their pocket at all times marketers have the opportunity to push visual content to consumers at all hours of the day. From the morning video you watch while still laying in bed to the video your kids watch on their devices while eating breakfast to the next video you watch during your train ride commute into work; not to mention the countless videos you watch during your day of surfing Facebook.

Get ready people, 2016 is coming with video; get your budgets ready before year end. Your customers are demanding video now. video marketing trends are trending up.